Published in New Jersey Bride Magazine

Published‬ in The Knot New Jersey Spring / Summer 2014 Edition! Emily & Michael’s beautiful wedding at the Linwood Country Club.


Go Jersey!


Work in progress

Sketch in progress. Still working on it, but can you guess who this is at this point in time?


Herb Garden Project

Every year around my birthday we usually end up wrapping up another outdoor project. It’s never planned this way, it’s just that every outdoor project is done on “free time” and with all of that “free time” that we do (not) have, any spring projects end up finishing around the beginning of August, and it usually leads to more projects.

We really wanted a vegetable garden this year but with the roof getting blown off our home in the winter leaving us with essentially three rooms needing to be gut-renovated (demo with plaster and lathe is not fun, let me tell you), the free time to achieve what we want by way of a veggie garden would not have been accomplished.

And without further adieu, behold our new mini herb garden! I am super excited about it. It started in spring and it was finished yesterday with the help of a few of my very best friends. It has Lavender, Sage, Oregano, French Lavender & Rosemary & my frog buddies, two of them playing chess in the foreground with the main frog fountain.  These are just a few iPhone shots.  I promise to take better “Afters” when the real “After” happens.


Still working on leveling…


After: With blue stone “reflecting” bench.  We do have some additional work to do in the surrounding areas.  I’d like to do something with the facing side of the cinder block but I was just too excited not to post it.  Need to either do some grass seed to the left as well.



But for now, it’s quite tranquil.

“Best in Bridal” Love it Award from NJ Bride!

Thanks to New Jersey Bride Magazine! Second year in a row. New Jersey Bride’s “Love It” Award Winner.



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Let the games begin!

T-minus 3 days until the kids are out of school and summer vacation begins!!



…construction is my reality. Who doesn’t love a good custom sheet rocking job? Not everything is 16-on-center, but Jimmy and my Bro-In-Law Fletcher are getting the job done. I’m still doing minor demo work.


It is such a gorgeous day out. My hydrangeas are blooming. They are favorites – love the summer!!



Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!!


Right now we are looking at…20130615-171313.jpg

Growing too fast!

My first born is almost 10! Hard to believe, where does the time go?


Sirena View – Long Branch

Beautiful New Jersey Shore – View from Sirena’s in Long Branch.  LOVE this place.


Vintage Bulb


War of the Roses

My roses at the studio are going off! Happy Memorial Day everyone!



Eek! Cicada Hole?

One would have to be living under a rock on the East Coast to not hear of the expecting of the 17 year Cicada group known as Brood II is due any day now. These bugs are known for their loud mating calls during the summer, but experts are predicting noise levels in the upper decimals this year.

Approximately 1 billion cicadas per square mile are expected to dig out of their holes, mate, then subsequently die. I am hearing they are also a delicacy and quite tasty. Yum? Blegth! Anyway, I have been hearing about cicada sightings in Staten Island, I figure I would check my yard and I came across several of these. I’m wondering if these are the cicadas tunneling out? I have yet to see a live bug, however.


Today’s Office.

Enjoying nature today, before the cicadas take over!


Renovation Find!

Antique wallpaper found underneath layers upon layers.  Taken from the walls of my 1856 Farmhouse. It is very cool finding treasures from the past, although getting to them is exhausting.


Serenity now

Hydrangea garden. Can’t wait for them to bloom.


Nicely organized? <\sarcasm>


Love what I do.

Happy Client = Happy Me. Happy Glorious Friday!


End of Day 1


Garden Project Begins


America America