Artist Statement

Laura Kyle Bruen

Artist Statement - Laura Bruen, Artist & Photographer



I was an only child and very young when I was introduced to art.   Art was my escape, my  recreation – where I have always been able to find peace and focus…how I connect to the environment, objects, and people around me.  I was given charcoals and pastels from my mother and went to Stevie Ray Vaughn concerts with my father.  My limited access to television led me to be actively involved as a child to work with my own devices, use my imagination, and produce art.

I have an overactive mind, I’m very connected to my work, and my ideas.   Art allows me to channel my thoughts into something physical.  These thoughts range from environments, biology, anatomy, relationships, politics.   Often times I stand in front of a canvas without a preconceived idea, file through my thoughts, and collectively interpret how I am feeling at that very moment through what and how I throw down and produce.   Painting allows me to create my worlds, photography enables me to experience reality, and when I can blend the two I am at my happiest.

Having grown up in major metro areas most of my life, inclusive of a stint in Boston &  home of New York, I have a true appreciation for all things urban.    By age 13 1/2, I spent time running with my friends around the streets of  New York City.  The scene was different then – Keith Herring, street art, unconventional clothing – incredible street style and the absolute best street markets and bazaars.  Astor Place a bi-monthly haunt for haircuts and a ton of Subway rides on the N/R @ 6:00 am after a late night out at the Tunnel or the Palladium with my girlfriends.  New York was amazing back then, and of course it still is.

Bridges and tunnels captivate me with their perspective, their design, and their connection.    I see beauty in textures, especially concrete, and rusted metal.  I feel a true appreciation for architecture and history.

Cataclysm, my recent project, is a series of Fine Art Photographs.

NYC takes me street shooting quite a bit as shown in About Town and Waterview.   Vintage is a walkabout of antique finds, a love fostered by my Nana, a cheerful lady who just recently passed away at 91.  She raised me telling me that I “needed” antiques.  Now…I do.

In addition to my photography work, I am busy in the studio on a new series of 9 oil paintings.  When they are completed, there will be an update. Be sure to sign up for the mailing list.