Brooklyn Limestone Baby!

April 12th, 2013

Stefanie and I met over a decade ago while we were planning our weddings on The Wedding Channel, where she captivated us all with her knack for wedding planning design, and she and I have been in touch ever since.  I have spent COUNTLESS hours on her website, Brooklyn Limestone, which she started up to chronicle the renovation of her Brooklyn Limestone home and continues to serve up fresh design inspiration on the regular.  She’s a pretty great photographer herself, and documents her travels.  I always liken her to a Martha Stewart of Gen X.  While I plan on posting some of her images soon, if you stop over there today you can see some photos I took of Mr. & Mrs. Limestone’s beautiful addition.  Don’t forget to browse while you’re there.  You’ll be instantly addicted.

Brooklyn Limestone  - Laura Bruen, Photographer




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